A world of undiscovered opportunities

Qasigiannguit and the surrounding area holds a lot of undiscovered opportunities. In Diskobay Tours we bring our guests closer to the everyday life, into the arctic landscape and closer to the arctic wildlife.

Qasigiannguit and The Big Arctic Five:

Dog sledding

Qasigiannguit backcountry is made for dogsledding. You can do anything from a few hours to several days expedition to the icecap.

Northern Lights

Qasigiannguit is the perfekt place to watch the Northern Lights. You don't have to go far from town, to get an unddisturbed view of the sky. But you can also choose to combine Northern Lights watching with a dogsled trip.

Ice and Snow

Coming to Qasigiannguit in the winter you can visit the icecap by dogsled. In the summer you can go there by boat.

Pioneering people

In Qasigiannguit you can follow the steps all the way back to the first people settling in Greenland. The best preserved artifacts from the first people living in the Arctic, are found at the local museum in Qasigiannguit.

You can also get a climpse of  life just before the colonization, through the Reinactment Projekt. And you can experience the everyday life in a modern greenlandic town, and meet the local people living here.


Qasigiannguit is often called the Whale capital of Greenland - and especially the Humpback whales often come very close to the shore.

About Diskobay Tours

Diskobay Tours is a locally based company from Qasigiannguit in the south end of the Disko bay.

The company is owned and run by Frank T. Larsen. 
I live in Qasigiannguit and I have a strong knowledge about the local community as well as the surrounding area.

This is why Diskobay Tours are able to give our guests an unique Greenland experience. So contact us for more options or to set up the trip that meets your specific needs

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